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The video you linked to yesterday——discussed getting vaccine injury information from the CDC's Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS). For those interested in understanding and getting information from that system, here's a bit more background: 


VAERS was intended to be a repository for doctor and patient reports on injuries, hospitalizations, deaths, etc. that occur in apparent connection with vaccinations.

The easiest way to get VAERS data is by using the WONDER (Wide-ranging ONline Data for Epidemiological Research) tool, described in the above video but more fully (and nicely) covered in the CDC's video:

WONDER isn't the only way to get to VAERS data. You can also download data in spreadsheet form. Both methods are linked from the main VAERS data page:

But though the numbers revealed by WONDER can be stunningly large, keep in mind that they are but a small part of the picture. VAERS is a passive system — it depends on doctors and injured people reporting injuries and deaths.

Unfortunately, a sizable proportion of doctors (and victims) don't even know VAERS exists, or how to use it. Most doctors have been trained in the mantra that vaccines are "safe and effective," and don't take (or have) the time to read the vaccine package insert warnings or modern vaccine research. As a result, they don't believe such adverse events exist, and thus either don't recognize them or deny they are vaccine-related.

This results in serious underreporting. This is mentioned by the CDC in as if it's an inevitable fact of life. But it doesn't have to be. The degree of underreporting was starkly revealed by a million-dollar HHS-sponsored study done by the Harvard Pilgrim HMO, which found, not surprisingly, that less than 1% of actual events are reported:

So with an annual average of 30-40,000 recorded events, the number could actually be in the millions, and the mantra of injuries being "rare" and "1
in a million" is shown to be utterly false.

Interestingly (and revealingly) after the Harvard Pilgrim team had developed a method for automating VAERS reporting to capture a much larger proportion of events, and had a proof-of-concept system running, the project was suddenly abandoned. Why? Because the CDC cut off all communications with the research team:

I wonder why...