American College of Pediatricians warns about toxic effects of Gardasil vaccine; sounds alarm over massive scientific fraud that concealed toxic effects

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Hello concerned thinking people of Philadelphia!  Here is a link to the latest email from PCIC which includes good news about the defeated HPV mandate proposal in Allegheny County as well as great news of many upcoming screenings across PA of the movie Vaxxed!!  Please check it out!

Charmaine Rusin
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JULY 13: TAKE ACTION DEADLINE In what appears to be an unprecedented move, the Allegheny County Health Department (Pittsburgh) is considering a MANDATE that would REQUIRE 11 and 12 year olds to receive the HPV VACCINE before being admitted to school. Given that the HPV (Humanpillomavirus) is sexually transmitted and not contagious in a school setting, this mandate is totally unnecessary for the health of school children.  The Health Department has asked for comments and based on the public response, a recommendation will be made to the Department of Health on July 13, on whether or not to proceed with a HPV mandate.  We need to overwhelm the Department of Health and County Council Members with letters and phone calls with the message, “Allegheny County should NOT mandate the HPV vaccine!”  

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10 Talking Points to Oppose HPV Vaccine Mandates in Allegheny County, PA

From: Pennsylvania Coalition for Informed Concent -

1. Parents have a right to make healthcare decisions for their children- not the state, much less the county. The HPV vaccine is already available to any family who wants it. It does NOT need to be mandated.

2. There is NO medical emergency in Allegheny County to merit mandating the HPV vaccine! HPV is sexually transmitted. It is NOT communicable and NOT likely to be spread in a school setting.

3. Vaccines Carry a Risk of Harm. Vaccines are pharmaceutical products that carry a risk of injury or death, a fact that was acknowledged by the U.S. Congress in 1986 when it passed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act. Since 1988, the federal vaccine injury compensation program created under that law has awarded more than $3.3 billion to children and adults injured by vaccines or to families whose loved ones died from vaccine reactions. In 2011, the US Supreme Court ruled that ALL vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe.”

4. With over 100 strains, HPV is the most common STD in the US. HPV infection is experienced by the majority of sexually active women and men without symptoms and is naturally cleared from the body within two years by more than 90 %of those who become infected. According to the CDC, “HPV is very common in women under age 30,” and “…most HPV that is found in these women will never cause them health problems.”

5. As of June 24, 2016, there were 44,633 vaccine reaction reports made to the federal Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) associated with HPV vaccines. 5,749 were classified as serious reactions, and included unexplained collapse, muscle pain and weakness, disabling fatigue, paralysis, brain inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, blood clots, multiple sclerosis, optic neuritis, spontaneous abortions, strokes, cardiac issues, seizures/convulsions, and many other health problems, as well as 261 deaths. (VAERS reporting is voluntary and it receives reports for only a small fraction of actual adverse events.)

6. According to the State Health Department’s EDDIE database, for the last 5 years that data are available (from 2009-2013), the average death rate due to cervical AND uterine cancer accounted for 0.2% of ALL deaths in Allegheny County and less than 1% of all cancer deaths. If we assume every case was caused by HPV, which is improbable, we can deduce that there never was and never will be a cervical cancer epidemic!

7. HPV vaccines are exorbitantly expensive; the three shot series of HPV vaccines and office visit could be more than $500, making it Merck’s top selling vaccine, bringing in $1.7 billion in sales

8. Several countries removed HPV from their recommended schedule, and France, India, Japan, and Spain have each filed criminal charges against HPV vaccine manufacturers for fraud, safety, and providing misleading information.

9. Stating that those wishing not to take the HPV vaccine can use the exemption is NO guarantee that Pennsylvania children will be able to opt out of HPV vaccines in the future. In 2015, California eliminated all non-medical vaccine exemptions. Two bills, SB696, and HB883, were introduced in the PA legislature this session to remove vaccine exemptions.

10. In the study “Death After Quadrivalent HPV Vaccination: Causal or Coincidental?” Neuroscientist Dr. Chris Shaw and Biochemist Dr. LucijaTomljenovic concluded that HPV vaccines “pose an inherent risk for triggering potentially fatal” adverse reactions by causing acute autoimmunity.


American College of Pediatricians warns about toxic effects of Gardasil vaccine;
sounds alarm over massive scientific fraud that concealed toxic effects

Sunday, February 21, 2016
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

Gardasil vaccine

(NaturalNews) In the minds of many concerned parents, there is no more toxic, dangerous vaccine in the world than Gardasil. More children and teens have been maimed, hospitalized, injured and even paralyzed by HPV vaccines than any other category of vaccine interventions. And now, the American College of Pediatricians -- a strongly pro-vaccine group -- is sounding the alarm over the toxicity of Gardasil.

Gardail vaccines could be "associated with the very rare but serious condition of premature ovarian failure (POF)," says the ACP on its website.

Furthermore, none of the junk science "safety" studies touted by the vaccine industry ever tracked post-vaccination outcomes regarding ovarian health. "[L]ong-term ovarian function was not assessed in either the original rat safety studies or in the human vaccine trials," explains the ACP. Even more, because doctors are so aggressively propagandized by the cash-rich vaccine industry, they don't even realize that HPV vaccines can cause ovarian failure. "Most primary care physicians are probably unaware of a possible association between HPV and POF and may not consider reporting POF cases or prolonged amenorrhea (missing menstrual periods) to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)," says the ACP.

Aluminum and polysorbate 80 are both linked to toxic vaccine effects

One of the crimes against children that's carried out by the vaccine industry is the ongoing use of chemical adjuvants in vaccines. These toxic chemicals include aluminum, monosodium glutamate and polysorbate 80, and they are intentionally added to vaccines in a misguided effort to try to make the vaccines produce an inflammatory response invaccine victims.

But these same toxic chemicals may also cause, in some children, extreme neurological inflammatory responses that lead to precisely the kind of permanent damage that gets diagnosed as Autism Spectrum Disorder (among other neurological side effects). If society routinely injects poisons into children, we should not be surprised when some percentage of those children are damaged by those poisons.

As the American College of Pediatricians explains: [P]otential mechanisms of action have been postulated based on autoimmune associations with the aluminum adjuvant used and previously documented ovarian toxicity in rats from another component, polysorbate 80. In other words, the science already knows about the mechanisms of potential harm caused by these ingredients. It's not a mystery, and it's not even debatable that injecting children with aluminum, mercury (i.e. flu shots in California), MSG, formaldehyde and polysorbate 80 will inevitably cause severe damage in some of those children.

When I tested flu shots in my laboratory via ICP-MS instrumentation, I found them to contain 25,000 times more mercury than the legal limit of mercury in the water supply.This is why some children are so severely damaged by vaccines that they suffer permanent brain damage. Recently, the UK government paid out $90 million financial compensation to families whose children were severely damaged by the swine flu vaccine. (In the United States, vaccine makers have absolute legal immunity and cannot be sued in the customary courts.)

If you're still not aware that all these ingredients continue to be used in vaccines in America, the CDC has already admitted they're all routinely used in vaccines. This is not some hypothesized conspiracy theory; it's an open admission by the CDC and the vaccine industry.

Shocking 88% of ovarian failure incidents have been attributed to Gardasil

According to the American College of Pediatricians, 88% of adverse event reports involving ovarian failure have been associated with just one vaccine: Gardasil."[S]ince licensure of Gardasil in 2006, there have been about 213 VAERS reports (per the publicly available CDC WONDER VAERS database) involving amenorrhea, POF or premature menopause, 88% of which have been associated with Gardasil." Keep in mind that because doctors don't even realize Gardasil can cause ovarian failure,the vast majority of ovarian failure cases are never reported to the CDC VAERS database. It is feasible that the real number of ovarian failure cases caused by Gardasil might be up to 100 times the reported number, or as many as 20,000 cases across America in the last decade.

Vaccine science fraud: "Placebo" trials used polysorbate 80 and aluminum to hide the toxic side effects

As Natural News readers know very well, virtually every bit of "science" carried out by the vaccine industry is fraudulent science. Gardasil trials were no different: they put aluminum and polysorbate 80 into the placebo injections, making sure that both the placebo group and the treatment group experienced the same number of toxic side effects, thereby cancelling each other out. From this, fraudulent researchers can proclaim the clinical trials showed Gardasil to be "safe" while causing "no increase in adverse effects."

"Pre-licensure safety trials for Gardasil used placebo that contained polysorbate 80 as well as aluminum adjuvant," says the ACP. And that's not an accident. It was done by design to conceal the harm caused by those ingredients. Note carefully that the vaccine industry never conducts legitimate science that compares, for example, the injected of aluminum and polysorbate 80 vs. injections of nothing but saline solution. If that trial were carried out, it would reveal the serious, long-term toxicity caused by aluminum and polysorbate 80 (not to mention mercury, MSG, formaldehyde and other toxic ingredients that are deliberately added to vaccines). "Therefore, if such ingredients could cause ovarian dysfunction, an increase in amenorrhea probably would not have been detected in the placebo controlled trials," explains the ACP. And they're correct. But the design of those trials wasn't an accident. The vaccine industry routinely and systematically designs its clinical trials to conceal the evidence of harm caused by vaccines.

Vaccine industry must resort to scientific fraud or else the truth might come out

Time and time again, the vaccine industry turns to fraudulent science to cover up the truth. As just two examples of this systematic science fraud, consider these:

1) According to CDC scientist and whistleblower Dr. William Thompson, the CDC knew over a decade ago that childhood vaccinations caused a significantly increased risk of autism in African-American boys. Dr. Thompson and other CDC scientists actively conspired to 
alter the study data in order to erase any such correlation. Two years ago, Dr. Thompson publicly admitted to taking part in this scientific fraud.

The ENTIRE mainstream media -- without exception -- blackballed this story and refused to report it. No one in Congress ever called Dr. Thompson to testify about the CDC's vaccine fraud.

2) In 2010, two Merck virologists filed a False Claims Act with the United States government, asserting that they were ordered by Merck management to commit scientificfraud by spiking antibody samples with 
animal antibodies. This was done to defraud the FDA into thinking that MMR vaccines worked to prevent disease when, in reality, they utterly failed to work at all.

Natural News has published that False Claims Act document at this link. Some of the bullet points I originally wrote at this Natural News article include: Merck knowingly falsified its mumps vaccine test results to fabricate a "95% efficacy rate."

• In order to do this, Merck spiked the blood test with animal antibodies in order to artificially inflate the appearance of immune system antibodies.
• Merck then used the falsified trial results to swindle the U.S. government out of "hundreds of millions of dollars for a vaccine that does not provide adequate immunization."
• Merck's vaccine fraud has actually contributed to the continuation of mumps across America, causing more children to become infected with mumps.
• Merck used its false claims of "95 percent effectiveness" to monopolize the vaccine market and eliminate possible competitors.
• The Merck vaccine fraud has been going on since the late 1990's, say the Merck virologists.
• Testing of Merck's vaccine was never done against "real-world" mumps viruses in the wild. Instead, test results were simply falsified to achieve the desired outcome.
• This entire fraud took place "with the knowledge, authority and approval of Merck's senior management."
• Merck scientists "witnessed firsthand the improper testing and data falsification in which Merck engaged to artificially inflate the vaccine's efficacy findings," according to court documents (see below).

Systematic vaccine violence against children is covered up by every institution in America

Now, a full six years after the filing of this False Claims Act describing systematic vaccine fraud at Merck, there isn't a single mainstream media outlet that has bothered to honestly investigate this astonishing story -- not even during the staged measles outbreak pandemic that was set up to push for passage of the SB 277 vaccine mandate in California.

That's because the vaccine industry, the CDC and the mainstream media are all deliberately pushing an 
epidemic of vaccine violence against children. That violence against children is not merely ignored but even condoned by the CDC, drug companies, doctors, hospitals, universities, media outlets and lawmakers. The systematic maiming of children has become the mantra of modern medicine, where countless children now suffer under a medical dictatorship that demands the sacrificial destruction of children in order to appease the profit gods of Big Pharma.

There is not even a shred of legitimate science to be found in the vaccine industry. It is nothing but vaccine voodoo and medical mythology carried out by the Church of Medical Mysticism where all "evidence" is faked in order to support the faith-based beliefs of the devout followers who profit from harming children. Far from "evidence-based medicine," today's vaccine industry 
makes a mockery of science and obliterates any possibility that vaccine risks vs. possible rewards might be assessed through rationality and critical thinking. Instead, vaccines are pushed under a totalitarian demand of absolute, mindless obedience... a position that stands in utter contradiction to the very principles of scientific discovery.

As children continue to be maimed and murdered with vaccine injections, the conspiracy of silence across every institution in America reveals what can only be called a 
modern-day medical holocaust. Yet those who are the most seriously injured by these vaccines are so damaged that they cannot speak for themselves anymore. Who will speak for them if not us?

And if "science" is whatever we are told it is by health authorities -- but it cannot be questioned or challenged or even validated by independent scientists -- then it isn't really science at all, is it?

Are Gardasil Side Effects Just Part of the Greatest Medical Scandal of All Time?

Posted by David Carney
May 12, 2014 11:22 AM

A recent article in The Inquisitr highlighted the controversy surrounding the Gardasil vaccine, which is given to protect young woman against cervical cancer caused by the human papiloloma virus. (HPV). The Inquisitr reported on the accounts of two doctors who worked at Merck during the development of Gardasil, one of which recently called Gardasil the “greatest medical scandal of all time.” Dr. Bernard Dalbergue made his prediction about Gardasil in an interview with the French Journal, Principes De Sante (Health Principles). He said that although Gardasil was very expensive, it was dangerous and useless.

According to Dalbergue, Merck, motivated by profit, knew that there could be potentially dangerous Gardasil side effects, but continued with the development of the HPV vaccine. In fact, Merck didn’t even put Gardasil through all the appropriate tests required for new drugs and vaccines. The Inquisitr accounted the claims of Dr. Diane Harper, an OB/GYN involved in Gardasil’s clinical trials. Dr. Harper claims that Gardasil was not properly tested with a double-blind study, which measures the effects of two parties, one of which is given the drug and the other is given a placebo. Both are kept “blind” as to whether or on they received the drug or the placebo. Instead Merck gave the participants the vaccine, and a vaccine adjuvant to boost the body’s immune response.

Since being approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in June 2006, Gardasil has been linked to a number of side effects, including death. Reported Gardasil reactions  include encephalitis, multiple sclerosis, premature menopause, paralysis of the lower limbs and blood clots.

In March 2010, Anapol Schwartz Vaccine Lawyers, Lawrence Cohan and Melissa Hague filed a Gardasil lawsuit on behalf of 15-year-old girl who died after suffering severe reactions to the Gardasil vaccine. That same week the Anapol Schwartz Vaccine Lawyers filed another Gardasil Lawsuit. This one involved a 19-year old woman who was diagnosed with Guillain Barre, and suffers from neurological difficulties as a result of the Gardasil vaccine. I, along with Lawrence Cohan, was able to successfully resolve this woman’s case by obtaining a six-figure settlement for her Gardasil injuries.

These Gardasil injuries prove that Dalbergue was correct in referring to Gardasil as “dangerous” but what about “useless”? To back up Dalbergue’s statement, over 90% of HPV cases clear up naturally. Also, the disease itself is on the decline. At least this much is clear at this point, the link between Gardasil and injury is becoming less attenuated as more key players in the manufacturing and design of the vaccine have spoken out and more peer reviewed studies are published on the Gardasil vaccine and its adverse effects.

While Gardasil was originally approved to protect young woman against HPV, the Gardasil was later approved to protect boys against HPV, and has also been approved to treat certain vaginal, vulva, and anal cancers.

For more information about the Inquisitor Article, please visit:

Former Merck doctor predicts Gardasil will become 'greatest medical scandal of all time'

Sunday, April 27, 2014 by: Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

(NaturalNews) A top physician who used to work for drug giant Merck & Co., creator of the Gardasil vaccine for cervical cancer, has made some groundbreaking public admissions about the dangers and ineffectiveness of this controversial jab. During a recent interview with the French magazine Principes de Sante, Dr. Bernard Dalbergue confessed that Gardasil is a worthless vaccine that not only fails to protect against cervical cancer but also puts individuals at risk of paralysis, encephalitis, Guillain-Barre syndrome and a host of other debilitating ailments.  Suggesting that Gardasil will eventually become recognized as "the greatest medical scandal of all time," Dr. Dalbergue railed against its approval and continued use, claiming that "everyone" involved with it knows that it's completely worthless. Dr. Dalbergue also brought up another researcher by the name of Dr. Diane Harper who was involved with both Gardasail and Cervarix, the two approved vaccines for the human papillomavirus (HPV). As we we previously reported, Dr. Harper had previously blown the whistle on the dangers and ineffectiveness of these widely pushed vaccines. "The full extent of the Gardasil scandal needs to be assessed," reads an English translation of the interview, which was originally published in French. "[E]veryone knew when this vaccine was released on the American market that it would prove to be worthless! ... In addition, decision-makers at all levels are aware of it!"

Vaccine industry, government know Gardasil is dangerous and ineffective

According to Dr. Dalbergue, industry insiders are fully aware of the fact that Gardasil can cause permanent, life-threatening damage to the central nervous system. They know that the vaccine can leave patients unable to walk, for instance, or function normally without extreme fatigue or pain. They also know that Gardasil does nothing to protect people from cervical cancer, the disease for which it is pushed aggressively on young people, both male and female. "I predict that Gardasil will become the greatest medical scandal of all times because at some point in time, the evidence will add up to prove that this vaccine, technical and scientific feat that it may be, has absolutely no effect on cervical cancer," he stated. "[A]ll the very many adverse effects which destroy lives and even kill, serve no other purpose than to generate profit for the manufacturers."

America: a cesspool of pharmaceutical and vaccine corruption

Bringing such information to light represents a threat not only to Dr. Dalbergue's personal career, but also the careers of his former colleagues, many of whom are fully aware of all this but are likely fearful of going public with it. And for good reason, as American investigative journalist Katie Couric, who recently aired a segment discussing the adverse events associated with Gardasil, was targeted and essentially threatened into issuing a public apology for it. Perhaps this is why Dr. Dalbergue chose to speak his mind to the French media rather than the American media. As you may already know, pharmaceutical and vaccine manufacturers have free reign in the U.S. to sell all the dangerous medicines they want to without repercussions, thanks to corrupt laws that protect them from being sued. "U.S. law prevents anyone from suing Merck or any other vaccine manufacturer as the U.S. Congress gave them total immunity from civil lawsuits in 1986, and that legal protection which gives them a free pass to put as many vaccines into the market as they want to, was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2011," explains Health Impact News. "In addition, the National Institute of Health receives royalties from the sales of Gardasil. So don't expect objective, true information from the U.S. mainstream media, or your U.S. doctor."  Dr. Dalbergue's full interview in French can be accessed here as a PDF document:

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