Controlling Humanity Thru COVID-19
It’s Time For Civil Disobedience

By Lynn Landes and Louise Francis, Co-Founders
(Aug 14, 2020: article published at OP/ED NEWS)

It’s now.  It’s real.  And it’s horrifying.  The ultimate objective of Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci, and the Global Elite is not to save humanity from COVID-19, a virus that is harmless to 99% of the population, but to control humanity through the convergence of nanotechnology, brain/machine interfaces, and artificial intelligence, plus good old-fashioned brainwashing. 

As we speak, millions have been tested for COVID-19 using completely unnecessary, very questionable, and deeply penetrating nasal test swabs, while thousands (now millions, 3/12/2021) of COVID-crazed volunteers are mindlessly lining up to submit to experimental COVID vaccines. BOTH tests and vaccines could include “quantum dot” (QD) hydrogel, which can connect people to artificial intelligence (AI).  But that’s just one element of a diabolical plan.

Today, through the use of COVID tests and vaccines, we may be witnessing the creation of “genetically engineered / electronically controlled” humans, who could be used for good or evil by those who control the “brain/machine interface nanotechnology”.  Although marketed as a medical breakthrough for some, and a convenience for others, “brain/machine interface nanotechnology” is an electronic 2-way street, where the ultimate control of us will be in the hands of others

Some states and local authorities already require mandatory testing, and are threatening “mandatory vaccinations” as the “only way” to stop the lockdowns and restrictions, despite the fact that COVID-19 is asymptomatic for many, no worse than the common cold or seasonal flu for others, and according to the CDC’s own COVID death statistics… is on its way out

The dramatic decline in “COVID-caused deaths” to near pre-COVID levels, is being completely ignored by the relentless, mind-numbing, drumbeat of the Big Pharma-news media with their fear-mongering about “hot spots” of COVID-19 “cases”.  Alex Berenson, a former New York Times reporter and author of Unreported Truths about COVID-19 and Lockdowns, says that the COVID outbreak has only been 'slightly worse than a bad flu year'.

So why do anything?  Why not let the population build "herd immunity" against the COVID-19 virus, naturally and for free, as they did with the first SARS, which was far more lethal?  Why should governments invest billions of dollars in the “war against COVID-19”, when the war is over?  Unless there is a nefarious purpose at play.

Many predict that this fall, a second or third “wave” of COVID-19 will magically materialize to further panic the public.  Much about the global government response to COVID-19 has been a “con job”, part real, part fake.  Dr. Fauci, the CDC, and other federal agencies, through agency directives and financial incentives, do everything in their power to fraudulently inflate both COVID cases and deaths. Their efforts include the lethal misuse of ventilators, inappropriate medications, and the promotion of flu vaccines that increase by 36% the risk of contracting coronavirus, if not give it to you, as some suspect.

Although most researchers were initially focused on the experimental vaccines, increasingly alarms have been raised about the ‘deep penetrating’ nasal swabs used for COVID-19 tests, including the possible implantation of viruses, toxins, nanotechnology, or microchips right into, or next to, the skull’s cribriform plate, reports Makia Freeman of The Freedom Articles.  For months there have been widespread reports of faulty and COVID-contaminated tests, plus the tasting of chemicals for more than a week afterwards by those who took the test. 

COVID tests are so flawed and scientifically compromised, that their bogus results can be manipulated to fabricate “hot spots” anywhere. Fundamentally, the testing is completely unreliable because the virus has not been isolated, purified, or defined. As a result, the tests do not specifically test for COVID-19, and will show excessive "false positives" as a matter of course, which is described in detail by David Crowe, infectious disease specialist and author of The Infectious Myth.  Many factors can cause a positive result, including the common cold and wearing a face mask. The virus is also mutating, as viruses do, which makes developing a test or vaccine extremely difficult, if not impossible.

Besides “human subjugating” COVID-19 vaccines and nasal tests, what else should we avoid?  Concerns are mounting regarding the repeated use of laser or infrared thermometers aimed at foreheads, and their effect on the pineal gland, which produces and regulates hormones, including melatonin which affects sleep patterns. 

Add to that, just about everything the CDC advises is under intense scrutiny.

“Contact tracing” and its potential for abuse is terrifying.  Using both state and federal funding, an army of contact tracers is being assembled, who can be used to impose medical interventions and seize (i.e., kidnap) anyone, including children, from their home and isolate them. In at least one state, New York, a court summons has already been issued to force COVID tests on people who refused to take them. 

As previously noted, the flu vaccine increases the risk of getting any coronavirus by 36%, or could give it to you directly, as some suspect.  In fact, injuries and death from flu vaccines get more complaints filed with the federal Vaccine Court than any other vaccine. Despite these facts, the University of California just mandated flu vaccines for all of their students this fall, even though they will be taking all of their courses online. 

If that wasn’t suspicious enough, it should be noted that the FDA approved a new more powerful flu vaccine, Fluzone High-Dose Quadrivalent, in November of 2019 for use on patients over 65 years of age. The new vaccine added B Strain in it, making it more risky, if not more deadly.  Nursing homes are required to provide these “high-dose” flu shots for their patients, while Medicare and Medicaid completely cover the cost, making it a money-maker for nursing homes.  Due to the continued lockdown in many nursing homes, friends and families are often unable to defend patients who do not want the flu vaccine.  High-dose flu vaccines for seniors could definitely result in enumerable deaths being falsely attributed to COVID-19, but there appears to be little interest in investigating this possibility on the part of government officials or the news media.

The public, in general, is unaware that vaccines contain numerous toxic ingredients and contaminants that short-circuit and disable the immune system, which is why the countries that vaccinate the most, such as the U.S., have the sickest populations. In America, we are facing an epidemic of immune dysfunction, developmental disorders, disease, and chronic illness.  Dr. Fauci, a modern-day Dr. Mengele, has a long standing record of promoting under-tested toxic and deadly vaccines, all the while telling the public that vaccines are “safe and effective”.  Nothing could be further from the truth. Every vaccine package insert’s Section 13, admits that vaccines have NOT been studied for their potential to, 1) cause cancer, 2) mutate DNA, and 3) impair fertility.  Many, if not most of the young adults who get the measles and mumps in the much publicized “outbreaks”, were vaccinated as children, proving that “vaccines” also do NOT grant permanent immunity, as “natural exposure” to infectious disease does.

And every expecting parent should be aware that there has been a sharp decline of premature births and SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) in the U.S. during COVID, which has been associated with a drop in maternal and infant vaccinations because of the lockdown, according to Children’s Health Defense. The ‘common sense’ conclusion: less toxic vaccines = less premature births and infant deaths. 

What is also bad news, for those who may be injured by COVID-19 vaccines, is that the U.S. Congress granted vaccine makers “blanket immunity” from liability for product defects, as they have with most vaccines since 1986.  So, there is no legal or financial incentive for vaccines to be safe and effective, and they aren’t. Over $3.4 billion dollars has been awarded to vaccine victims from the federal Vaccine Court, but that is only a tiny fraction of what other “medical product” liability litigants routinely receive in state and federal courts for similar damages and death. Many states have also granted hospitals and health care providers immunity for harm caused by their treatments of COVID patients.

Face masks pose yet another serious health risk.  Scientifically, face masks CANNOT prevent any virus from spreading, but face masks can seriously harm your health.  From a ‘common sense’ perspective, why breathe in your own exhaust?  Researchers and doctors, such as Dr. Russell Blaylock, warn that wearing masks can cause hypoxia and hypercapnia, meaning low oxygen levels, high carbon dioxide, including re-infection, plus damaged Iung and brain function. In addition, some face masks are treated with chemicals, such as the N95 Respirator which contains antimicrobial/antiviral agents. It is certainly not healthy to be breathing in those kinds of chemicals all day long. And now the despicable Dr. Fauci is also suggesting that people wear face shields and goggles. Where will this insanity end?  In space suits?

After decades of Big Pharma marketing campaigns (i.e., brainwashing programs), a large portion of the American population are germaphobes and hypochondriacs. They don’t realize that 90% of the human body is made of bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms, while only 10% is human cells.  Many disinfectants and hand sanitizers can reduce the healthy bacteria on your skin, while exposing your skin to toxic contaminants.  Common commercial disinfectants may contain methanol, which recently led the FDA to recall over 100 hand sanitizer products. Other toxic disinfectants, such as quaternary ammonium cation (quat), come with their own short and long-term serious and harmful health effects.  Meanwhile, buckwheat flour is a safe and mild abrasive that can clean your hands without poisoning your skin.

Regarding the safety of hydroxychloroquine and other medications, it seems best to let patients and their doctors decide. That said, wild herbs generally do a far better job than commercial medicines with far fewer side effects. Case-in-point, although the medical community continues to lament the increasing lack of effective antibiotics, many herbalists and foragers routinely use plantain or “plantago”, a common yard “weed” which is an extremely effective antibiotic, both externally and internally.  There are also anti-viral and anti-parasitic herbs, such a Sweet Annie which is known by scientists to be effective against malaria, as with hydroxychloroquine. PlantsForAFuture has a website with lots of helpful information on wild edible plants and medicinal herbs, many of which are considered weeds or invasive plants, but are free from nature and often found in our lawns and parks.

The idea that people should mask up, socially distance, and isolate themselves from one another is completely OPPOSITE of what nature and sound science dictates, say renown scientists, including Dr. John Ioannidis and Dr. Knut M. Wittkowski.  Where did these crazy ideas come from?  For decades Big Pharma has told the public that we must fear bacteria and viruses, take gut-destroying synthetic antibiotics, vaccinate with neurotoxins, and wash our hands obsessively with poisonous disinfectants, as if we had a mental disorder.  And, at this point, many people do.  But not to worry, Big Pharma has lots of toxic meds for that, too.

The fundamental truth is, the best defense against any virus or infectious disease is a HEALTHY IMMUNE SYSTEM.  Ironically, our immune system REQUIRES exposure to viruses and infectious diseases in order to develop antibodies, respond robustly, and function properly.  A healthy immune system also requires good nutrition, physical activity, the absence of toxic exposures (such as those in vaccines), and exposure to sunlight and the outdoors.  Many people have no idea how the immune system works.  People think that they should run from a virus, that they can win “the war against COVID-19”.  That is nonsense.  COVID-19 is coronavirus, which is related to the common cold. And for both colds and coronavirus, they simply need to run their course. That is what builds a healthy immune system.

As the lockdown continues in many states and counties, it is particularly disturbing that so many educators support the closures and restrictions.  The science is crystal clear and well publicized on this matter. Overwhelmingly, children do not contract nor transmit COVID-19, but even if they did, so what?  Again, exposure to disease and developing antibodies naturally is what builds a healthy immune system.  In contrast, by keeping students out of school, that does harm them both physically and emotionally.  Closed schools open the door to student hunger, abuse, and predators.  But open schools that enforce social distancing and face masks, are tantamount to torture. They have no place in our classrooms.  Yet, too many of our politicians, public health officials, and educators appear deaf, dumb, and blind to this reality.

For those who don’t believe in conspiracy theories, it is time to wake up. The CDC, Big Pharma, Bill Gates, and their cohorts around the world own most of the patents on vaccines and related products, and therefore stand to make billions, if not trillions, over the COVID-19 debacle.  They have been preparing for a pandemic for years and they want it to go on forever. 

So, when is a conspiracy theory a conspiracy fact?  When the conspirators deliberately and publicly tell you it is. The Rockefeller Foundation formulated the 2010 Lock Step Plan, while the Gates Foundation, John Hopkins University, and others were part of Event 201, a simulation in October 2019 of a pandemic… as the real thing was unfolding.  That convenient coincidence follows a long-established pattern of government-sponsored false flag events in our history.  Even the U.S. government has an official plan to vaccinate the entire American population using the military. But, these efforts were designed not only to vaccinate the global population, but to also control them.

The complete corruption of U.S. federal health agencies by Big Pharma, and criminal behavior of high-ranking U.S. federal health officials, is nothing new. Dr. Fauci is the central figure in Dr. Judy Mikovits and Kent Heckenlively's book, Plague of Corruption.  Dr. Robert Redfield, the director of the CDC, and Dr. Deborah Birx, the Coronavirus Coordinator for the White House, were the targets of a damning Department of Defense investigation after colleagues in the U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force blew the whistle on scientific fraud during clinical trials of a HIV/AIDS vaccine, according to Thomas Paine on All three of these doctors have long-standing connections to Bill Gates.

From the beginning of the COVID debacle, the CDC and governments around the world relied on seriously flawed, predictive statistical models from outside entities that vastly overstated the COVID threat in order to justify the shutdown, as many epidemiologists and critics immediately pointed out. The worst models came from the Imperial College in UK and Washington State University IHME, both funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which aggressively promotes testing, vaccinating, and electronically tracking the global population.

As to the origins of COVID-19, it is reported that Dr. Fauci gave the Wuhan Lab a total of $7.4 million federal dollars to do risky research in China that was prohibited by law in the U.S..  Many world renowned scientists, such as Dr. Luc Montagnier, a Nobel laureate, are confident that COVID-19 was made in a lab. Several labs have done this kind of work both inside and outside of the U.S.  So, it is not too much of a stretch to suspect that the U.S. and China may have colluded in the development and, perhaps even, the distribution of COVID-19. In fact, many believe that COVID-19 is just the latest in a long line of lab-made virus unleashed onto the global population.

It is predicted that in the fall of 2020, the COVID-like harmful health effects of both 5G and the flu vaccine, will be used by public health officials (as they are suspected to have been used in the spring of 2020), to inflate COVID-19 cases and deaths, further panicking the public into submitting to a COVID-19 vaccine.  5G radiation, whose harmful health effects mimic COVID-19, including damage to the lungs, continues to be rolled-out in more locations around the world. It should have been ‘front page’ news that the initial hot spots for COVID-19, were also the world's hot spots for 5G installations - Wuhan, China, New York City, New Orleans, and northern Italy.  However, our Big Pharma-sponsored news media has deliberately avoided connecting the dots, once again.  But we will connect several dots.

The CONVID-19 global government response is a carefully orchestrated conspiracy by the global elite to: 1) panic the public using a lab-created alleged 'virus' that is harmless to 99% of the world's population, 2) rely on seriously faulty statistical models, 3) deploy unreliable and invasive testing, 4) exaggerate death counts and cases, 5) promote genetically engineered & nanotech vaccines, 6) mandate public tracking, isolation, social distancing & face masks, 7) hide the harmful impacts of 5G, 8) raid treasuries, 9) collapse economies, and 10) centralize authority… all in order to destroy human rights and control the global population.

The COVID-19 conspiracy is a crime against humanity and should be prosecuted as such.  It is clearly unconstitutional. And as many have noted, there is no exception for pandemics in the U.S. Constitution or Bill of Rights.  That said, the Supreme Court has thus far taken a ‘hands off’ approach to protecting our civil liberties, making this a true emergency to which we all must respond.  Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci, and their cohorts are trying to subjugate us through vaccines, testing, and tracing, as well as suffocate us physically, emotionally, politically, and financially with widespread forced business closures, face masks, social distancing, and isolation.

It is tyranny. It is a full-scale attack on our human rights and civil liberties. And it requires a full-scale response.

Civil Disobedience.  Refuse testing, tracing, and vaccines. ​Reject masks, social distancing, and isolation. Re-open everything - schools, stores, businesses, churches, synagogues, and mosques.  Do it as individuals, and organize into groups.  Support local businesses and those front-line organizations who are fighting the good fight.  ​Continue to lobby your local, state, and federal political representatives to pass laws to end this insanity, but until then, civil disobedience is the only game in town. Ultimately, we need a constitutional amendment to guarantee that this can never happen again.

We have the inalienable right to defy tyrannical authorities under the laws of nature and the U.S. Constitution.  And at this point, we have no other choice. The stakes are too high and too many people have already suffered and died needlessly. Too many businesses and organizations have already closed their doors permanently due to these senseless lockdowns and revolting restrictions. These tyrants will not stop until we stop them.

Human beings have an inherent right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  We must re-open our world all the way.  And it starts with each and every one of us. Freedom is not free.


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